Business Insights

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Business insights are a critical part of the financial planning and analysis value chain. CBIZ provides the level of support you need for the interdependent processes involved in financial planning and analysis so that you can enhance your understanding of your company.

Business Insights Solutions

  • Data Management Solutions: We help businesses leverage their data by performing a deep dive of data sources to identify gaps in data requirements and make recommendations on how to better manage data. We also help clean, aggregate, and consolidate disparate data to create a more unified and usable data repository.
  • Enhanced Reporting & KPIs: Our key performance indicator solutions provide relevant, meaningful reports that aggregate details and provide actionable business information. Our reports are tailored to the information requirements of shareholders both within and outside of accounting and finance.
  • Management Analytics: We have the financial acumen to provide detailed answers grounded in validated and understood data sources to help management understand and implement action items.
  • Business Foresight: Our team helps you develop forecasting and predictive models for core business, internal performance, and external events by working with management teams, internal information, and external data.
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