Financial Planning & Analysis

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Strategic financial planning and analysis (FP&A) converts Big Data to Big Information. CBIZ CMF has the expertise to help your company improve its FP&A processes and output. We understand that a highly effective FP&A function is a sequence of interdependent processes, and leverage technology solutions with the appropriate level of functionality, sophistication and cost to provide you with an enhanced look into your financial performance. The tailored approach helps ensure enhanced understanding, accountability and decision-making across the business.

Financial Planning & Analysis Solutions

  • Business Insights: Business insights are a critical part of the financial planning and analysis value chain. CBIZ CMF provides the level of support you need for the interdependent processes involved in financial planning and analysis so that you can enhance your understanding of your company.
  • Operations, People & Process: The people responsible for strategic planning and financial analysis make a critical difference in your company's ability to use data to drive value generation. CBIZ CMF provides both interim resources and process development and optimization consulting to ensure your team and its reporting are fully synced to deliver timely, actionable information.

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