Tax Due Diligence

Tax Diligence - Tax M&A

Tax Diligence

Acquisitions can be a complicated process, resulting in unforeseen tax consequences. Careful planning and execution to identify undisclosed tax liabilities and minimize known tax liabilities will help maximize your deal’s value. We have experience with deals between $3-$400M and handle over 250 Due Diligence engagements annually.

Buy-Side Tax Due Diligence

We comprehensively look at a target company’s historical tax profile, covering federal, state and local, and international tax matters, and provide:

  • Identification and quantification of tax exposure you could be liable for because of your acquisition
  • Practical solutions that will protect you from tax exposure and help you close the deal
  • Recommendations on tax planning opportunities and tax compliance improvement opportunities moving forward

Transaction Structure Consulting

We help you find the best transaction structure to meet both your tax and non-tax objectives and provide:

  • Collaboration with your legal counsel on tax matters that need to be addressed in the closing documents
  • Assistance in resolving tax-related deal tension, such as competing interests in favor of stock vs. asset deal structures
  • Creation of illustrated steps memos to create a clear road map for a transaction or reorganization that helps facilitate understanding among all parties
  • Tax projections and tax-benefit scenario analysis related to specific transaction structures

Post Transaction Tax M&A Services

Once you’ve signed the purchase agreement and head into the post-acquisition steps, we provide:

  • Analysis of closing costs for a favorable tax treatment
  • Execution of changes in your accounting method
  • Implementation of newly drawn tax strategies

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