Tax Due Diligence

Tax Diligence

Tax Diligence

Mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations and other business transactions are often highly influenced by their tax consequences. Careful planning and execution helps your organization identify undisclosed tax liabilities and minimize known tax liabilities will help to maximize the value of your deal.

Through our comprehensive tax due diligence services, we work with you to identify the tax consequences of a transaction, producing value enhancement, tax savings, and risk reductions. We are available each step of the way, from the formation of a new enterprise through mergers, acquisitions, or the ultimate sale or dissolution of your business, to ensure that you achieve the best tax result possible.

Tax Diligence Solutions

Federal Tax

We bring tax optimizing strategies to the table and help you identify opportunities to reduce your tax burden through analysis of federal tax filings and financial statements. Our tax experts leverage CBIZ’s national and regional experience to provide clear, actionable tax advice that your business can use, such as opportunities with the new tax reform law, cost segregation studies and research and experimentation studies. Learn more.

State & Local

We review nexus, sourcing, apportionment factor methodology, sales and use, personal property, real property, and unclaimed property for compliance and tax minimization. Our dedicated state and local tax group also assists with managing your constantly evolving tax environments, including sales tax standards, state tax controversy matters, compliance resolution through Voluntary Disclosure Agreements, and due diligence on target companies. Learn more.

International Tax

Our international tax team reviews international holdings to model tax attributes and positions, identify and analyze restructuring and transfer pricing opportunities, and ensure compliance. We can also assist with making a smooth transition to the new international tax system created by the tax reform law known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). Learn more.

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