Sell-Side Due Diligence

Sell-Side Due Diligence

Sell-Side Insights for Your M&A Every Step of the Way

Sell-side due diligence is best described as an introspective assessment of a seller’s own financial position. It enables sellers to proactively identify matters affecting value, negotiating leverage, and speed to close, while minimizing uncertainty in the sale process. At its simplest level, sell-side due diligence is identical to buy-side due diligence; it’s simply commissioned earlier in the sale process.

We peel back the layers of your company’s financial data to produce accurate information for your buyer and address issues that could be the difference between a successful exit and a long, potentially contentious sale process. There is no checklist for sell-side due diligence, but our deep experience and proven detailed approach provide you with the right information and resources to realize the most value from an exit, while allowing management to stay focused on operating the business.

In performing sell-side due diligence, we:

  • Identify potential deal issues
  • Assess the quality of earnings, identify nonrecurring items, and support management’s adjustments
  • Analyze key business and profitability drivers
  • Analyze net working capital
  • Perform “carve-out” due diligence