Carve-Out Planning & Execution

Carve-Out Planning & Execution

Carve-Out Planning & Execution

Carve-outs tend to be messy, complex, and costly, yet financially rewarding. Your organization has the potential to achieve results from the separation, but the transaction must be carefully orchestrated to preserve the separated entity’s vision and values.

Our carve-out planning and execution solutions are designed to facilitate a smooth separation. We combine planning, coordination, industry knowledge, and functional expertise to achieve objectives and deliver results.

Carve-Out Planning & Execution Solutions

  • Carve-Out Planning & Diligence: Buyers receive assistance with carve-out planning, including establishing the new company’s strategy, operating model and technology architecture as well as the carve-out’s financials.
  • Day One Readiness: Enlist our support for the sign and close phase, and we can develop a transition services agreement outlining ongoing operational and technology support provided by the seller post-close as well as plans to modify the new company’s operating model.
  • Post-Close Services: Receive assistance with the execution of the transition plan and implement shorter- and long-term strategic approaches for separating from the TSA.

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Paul Herman

Senior Director