Credit Risk Services for Asset-Based Lending Institutions

Asset-Based Lending Advisory

Asset-based lending (ABL) institutions need accurate, reliable and comprehensive information in order to optimize available opportunities. Unlike many accounting companies that support the ABL community, CBIZ offers an expert team of professionals dedicated to providing value-added field examinations, collateral reviews and due diligence services.

Our field examiners ensure that asset-based lenders have the additional assurance that the collateral value and funds employed are protected. CBIZ examiners are finely attuned to the needs of collateral lenders. We are trained to work closely with both audit staff and collateral loan officers. Furthermore, we leverage our national depth of expertise to ensure accuracy and timeliness at every stage in the examination process. Experienced managing directors supervise engagements and review all reports, producing results that exceed industry standards.

Through the range of financial institutions and companies we have served, CBIZ has garnered best practices that we pass on to our clients. We supplement our asset-based lending services with a number of other advisory offerings, including asset securitizations, equity debt and other complex transaction planning solutions. The tailored approach we provide assists you throughout your decision-making process to help you secure your desired end result.

M. Michael Aquino

Lead Managing Director

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