Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity Management

In the event of emergency, have a plan.

You can't predict disaster, but it's critical that you prepare for it. Organizations that have readied for the possible risks and effects of unplanned outages are able to more proactively respond. 

The speed at which you can recover from fast-moving events minimizes the cost and risks associated with reputation and financial loss. We understand the challenge in defining a realistic business continuity and disaster recovery program. CBIZ business continuity management specialists have experience working with a range of companies to pinpoint critical assets and develop strategies to prepare for those unexpected events.

Through execution exercises and staff training, we work closely with you to implement strategies that expedite your recovery process. Our specialists ensure that your people and most critical business assets are prepared and protected for the worst case scenarios. By looking at your business continuity plan as a process life cycle, we keep your strategy proactive and up-to-date.  

The services that we offer fall under four pillars of service:

  • Business Continuity Planning: Our specialists work with you to address governmental or corporate compliance standards of care. Business continuity planning also protects your brand reputation and helps reduce losses if you are hit by a disaster.
  • Business Impact Assessments: In the business impact assessments, we define your level of needed investment for continuity planning and recovery. We also provide the foundation for protecting your company's revenue, reputation and loyalty by providing justification for proactive business continuity measures.
  • Crisis Management Planning: Prior to any crisis, we help you prepare responses that allow immediate positive action to be taken.
  • Disaster Recovery Planning We identify the technology your business regards as critical. Then, we tailor a plan to recover those technology assets so that key information is available when required.

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