Complex Accounting Services

Complex Accounting

Hard-to-value instruments, new accounting standards and complex transactions add layers of complexity to financial reporting. Navigating the often convoluted accounting requirements involved in these scenarios takes time. Compliance with new standards also places demands on internal controls, which can put a burden on internal resources.

Our accounting advisory professionals make it easier to address the issues you may encounter with interpreting and implementing accounting standards. Members of our team hold advanced accounting certifications and undergo continual training in new financial standards. We draw on this expertise to provide a full range of support and advisory services that help business leaders navigate the evolving regulatory landscape and related reporting requirements.

Complex Accounting Solutions

  • Leasing: We work closely with you to evaluate how your leasing arrangements will change under the new leasing standard.
  • Consolidation: Our professionals help you evaluate whether to consolidate a variable interest entity under the new consolidation guidance.
  • Revenue Recognition: To prepare you for the new revenue recognition standard, we will guide you through our proprietary evaluation tool to assess all of your revenue streams under the FASB’s five-step method and highlight what adjustments may be required for your existing reporting processes.
  • Stock Compensation: We evaluate your agreements to ensure that the accounting requirements in ASC Topic 718, Compensation - Stock Compensation, are appropriately applied.
  • Debt Versus Equity: We evaluate complex equity agreements to ensure that they are properly accounted for and can assist with the related tax and valuation components of such arrangements.
  • Purchase Accounting:  We work closely with you to ensure that all assets and liabilities are identified and properly reflected in the financial statements. Our transaction advisory and valuation teams can also partner in the effort to provide you with a full suite of services. 
  • Other specialized services: We can also assist with the accounting for internal use software, collaboration agreements, impairment analysis, and licensing agreements.

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