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CBIZ MHM, LLC - Greenville


The National State and Local Tax Group of CBIZ MHM, LLC (“CBIZ SALT”) provides tax controversy resolution and consulting services related to all state and local tax matters.  Our primary areas of specialization include state tax audits, appeals, and dispute resolution; tax litigation support services; and complex state tax issues such as nexus, nonbusiness income, unitary/combined filings, exemptions, and alternative apportionment in all states.  We have expertise in all areas of state tax, including income and franchise tax, sales and use tax, property tax, and unclaimed property.



CBIZ SALT is strategically positioned to help you effectively navigate your state and local tax issues – we know how the system works and, more importantly, how to tip the scales in your favor.  We provide an ideal blend of practical and technical tax reporting experience with a proven ability to perform and effectively communicate strategic analysis and application of Constitutional and state statutory requirements, all in an effort to derive the best possible business solution.


Why Choose CBIZ SALT?  Our Competitive Advantage.

  • Our professionals are skilled CPAs with an average of 20 plus years of hands-on experience, each with extensive Big 4 tax practice backgrounds and, in most cases, private industry tax experience at upper management levels.  At CBIZ SALT, your tax issues are never used as training material for inexperienced staff. 


  • We are state and local tax specialists.  As a result, we have fewer distractions than our competitors.  Simply put, our professionals are neither distracted by nor have to juggle other annual compliance deadlines, year-end/quarterly tax accrual analysis or reporting issues, or estimated tax payments.  We resolve state and local tax issues and we do it well.


  • We have resolution experience and successes in every state across the country.  


  • We have experience in numerous industries with a wide variety of clients. 
  •  We are strongly committed to providing prompt responses and ongoing communication throughout the engagement to clients.  We also strive to maintain a consistent staffing compliment to serve our clients on an ongoing basis to maintain continuity.


Industry Expertise

As states face constant fiscal woes, state tax laws are becoming more and more complicated while state tax agencies have become more aggressive. Each state has its own rules, unique compliance challenges and planning opportunities. Our experienced SALT team works with you to resolve your state and local tax concerns. The National State and Local Tax Group of CBIZ MHM, LLC ("CBIZ SALT") specialists have the experience to help ensure your company is in compliance and that you do not under or over pay. We recognize the importance of minimizing tax liabilities while increasing the value of your business.


Our services include:

 Income/Franchise Tax

  • Income apportionment modeling & planning
  • Income tax credits review & recovery
  • Combination/consolidation issues resolution

Sales/Use Tax

  • Refund Audits
  • Sales & use tax procedural reviews
  • Sales & use tax consulting

Acquisition / Disposition Transactions

  • Due diligence reviews
  • Purchase/sale state tax consulting
  • Income/franchise tax reviews

Tax Controversy and Audit Defense

  • Nexus and voluntary disclosure negotiation
  • Audit management and representation
  • Administrative appeal representation
  • Private Letter Rulings

Unclaimed Property

  • Unclaimed property reporting
  • Auditing assistance, consultation and defense
  • Voluntary disclosure agreement
  • Transaction planning and operational review