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Having a retirement plan involves more than just planning, designing and administration. It's critical that your employees understand how the plan works, and more importantly, appreciate the benefits to them. MHM Retirement Plan Solutions consultants monitor the education process with both you and your financial advisor so that participants are informed and knowledgeable of the benefit you're providing. We take a comprehensive approach to the administration of retirement plans. Our professionals understand the importance of keeping your plan efficient and cost-effective to administer. And, it goes without saying our extensive tax knowledge will ensure your plan is compliant with the latest changes to tax laws and positioned to provide the greatest benefit to your company.

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About MHM Retirement Plan Services

MHM Retirement Plan Solutions can trace our roots in Kansas City back more than 30 years. Our retirement plan administration services were originally provided under the name Mayer Hoffman McCann until 1998 when MHM P.C. decided to focus exclusively on attest services. The tax and consulting division was spun-off into CBIZ.

In January 2005, the Pension department was separately incorporated and is now providing retirement planning services as MHM Retirement Plan Solutions. This change allows us to position ourselves in the community as an organization dedicated to retirement plan consulting, administration and plan design. Plus, it will allow us to provide the Kansas City community with the same quality retirement plan services that we have provided our clients for the past 30 years.

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