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CBIZ Employee Services Organization of Atlanta is your trusted adviser, providing employee benefit consulting, support and services to clients ranging in size from Fortune 500 companies to those with fewer than 50 employees in a wide variety of industries. Located in Metropolitan Atlanta, we serve clients nationally and internationally.

We have a long-term track record of helping clients reduce costs, without sacrificing the quality of the programs that help attract, motivate and retain employees. We design plans to provide our clients the best benefit services, at the lowest cost, over the longest period of time. We currently manage over a quarter of a billion dollars in employer sponsored plans that prove our track record. Our clients trust us to not only manage their benefits, but also assist with their administrative and compliance issues.

Our unique and proven hands-on approach involves matching each CBIZ client with his or her own personalized team of experts. Each client's team is headed by a CBIZ expert. Our leadership team has, on average, over 40 years of industry experience and each team member is a seasoned professional. This ensures that as our client, you can look forward to a level of expertise, accessibility, responsiveness, and trust other firms simply cannot match.

CBIZ Employee Services Organization has been and will continue to be committed to acting on our clients' best interest by providing services and products that meet our client's needs. Our professionals provide a wide variety of employee management engagements, including benefits, human resources, payroll, flexible spending accounts, COBRA, integrated healthcare services, retirement plan administration, and specialized services.

We always negotiate in your best interests. Our employee benefit consulting services come with no conflict of interest with carriers, vendors, or internal administrative systems. We owe our allegiance to one entity: The Client.

James P. (Pat) Winchester Sr. James P. (Pat) Winchester Sr. Senior Vice President
Fred Schremp Fred Schremp Senior Vice President
Todd Gordon Todd Gordon Vice President of Sales


  • A Top 20 Largest Broker of U.S. Business
  • 2016 Business Insurance Best Places to Work
  • 13,500+ clients nationwide
  • 800+ professionals nationwide
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