Technology Continuity

Technology Continuity

Technology Continuity

Strategies for Time of Business Uncertainty

As you assess the variability in the current environment and plan for various scenarios, including the financial health of your portfolio companies, CBIZ CMF’s Business Considerations can help to minimize impacts on your businesses.

CBIZ CMF’s Performance Management, Performance Improvement, and Technology Continuity solutions provide an outlook to help you increase visibility, enable planning, and activate tactical, operational initiatives. We work side-by-side with you to make the tough calls, to act decisively, and to bring a dynamic contribution to fit the circumstances. 

Technology Continuity:

CBIZ CMF provides technology solutions to help enable business operations in a time of uncertainty:

  1. Assisting clients in the rapid deployment and effective utilization of cloud platforms to enable remote working.
  2. Supplying IT resources to support mission critical technology, including both hardware and software layers of the technology architecture.
  3. Establishing continuity plans to maintain systems and IT capabilities.
  4. Assisting with IT supplier continuity analysis and re-alignment strategies as needed.

To learn more about how CBIZ CMF can help you and your portfolio companies during these uncertain times, please contact Mike Feczko at


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