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  • CBIZ AIA is one of the few bank insurance specialists in the Midwest. CBIZ AIA has more than 15 years of experience in insuring all sizes of financial institutions. On staff, we have a 20-year bank president who brings banking insights to help you manage the risks facing your bank. CBIZ AIA is a member of the Bank Holding Company Association and the Community Banker's Association of Georgia.

  • CBIZ AIA takes the time to get to know your bank by interviewing senior management. It is important to fully understand the bank's financial condition, unique insurable risks and the current insurance program. Your insurance application is submitted with a CBIZ AIA-prepared bank summary. We answer the underwriter's questions in advance, preventing them from making hasty decisions based solely on the latest call report and your claims history.

  • CBIZ AIA  submits your application to between three and 30 different bank insurance carriers, depending on the bank's particular circumstances. We create competition between the finalists using our superior negotiating skills, knowledge of banking and strong underwriter relationships to bring about the best possible package to the bank.

  • CBIZ AIA  will present multiple options to senior management 30 days in advance and attend board meetings as requested to answer questions and address directors' concerns.

  • In today's market, OREO properties are creating pain for banks. We have a unique program for insuring OREO properties that provides a streamlined process, consistent coverage and significant cost savings.