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Please contact Brad Schmid, Manufacturer Program Director, for additional information at 763-549-2247

Today’s Insurance Climate
Automation and technology is driving continued growth for Minnesota manufacturing. As a result, the climate for insurance is relatively positive. An area of concern for owners is the risk of protecting company assets with the increased dependency on technology. The implications of potential data loss and breach as well as the potential of exposure resulting from a variety of cyber crimes can easily result in expensive lawsuits and loss of customer goodwill. CBIZ works with 30 insurance companies to craft specialized manufacturing coverages against insurable risks, including cyber. In today’s climate, having an agency that has access to such a broad base of insurance carriers, that is known for superior negotiating skills, that specializes in understanding the evolving risks, and has a 30 year history of success, may be the smartest protection you can provide your company.

CBIZ's “Client-Focused” Process:

  • Start the renewal process 90-120 days ahead of the expiration date
  • Prepare a renewal marketing strategy, working with the client on changes and updating projections
  • Review claims and loss runs to develop a plan for open reserve claims
  • Perform an analysis of potential loss of income and extra expenses in case of a major loss
  • Submit the application with a CBIZ overview to up to 30 insurance companies
  • CBIZ strongly negotiates with the most interested companies
  • Present multiple options to client 30 days before renewal


  • Special Property Coverages
  • E&O designed for manufacturers
  • Product recall protection
  • Dependent Property Coverage
  • Global Exposures protection
  • Internet/Technology coverage
  • Law & Ordinance coverage
  • Employment Practices protection
  • Property & Casualty coverage
  • Worker’s Compensation insurance
  • Employee Benefit programs and plans