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Michael  Gleespen

General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

Phone: 216-447-9000
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Michael W. Gleespen has served as Corporate Secretary since April 2001 and General Counsel since June 2001. Mr. Gleespen is an attorney and has served as CBIZ's Vice President of Regulatory Compliance and Accountancy Compliance Officer and Technical Director since February 1998. Prior to joining CBIZ, Mr. Gleespen was an Assistant Ohio Attorney General in the Business & Government Regulation Section and the Court of Claims Defense Section from 1988 until 1998, during which time he was counsel to the Ohio Accountancy Board, the Ohio State Teachers Retirement System and represented many other state departments and agencies. Mr. Gleespen also held the post of Associate Attorney General for Pension, Disability and Annuity Plans and was the Co-Chairman of the Public Pension Plan Working Group.

Associated Offices

Cleveland - CBIZ Corporate Headquarters 6050 Oak Tree Blvd.
Suite 500
ClevelandOH  44131
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