Steve Waldron

Steve Waldron

Managing Director - Higher Education Practice & Legal Practice

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    Steve Waldron has over 35 years of leadership, organizational structure, strategic planning, and litigation experience in the practice of law, Higher Education, and the U.S. Marines. This rare combination of knowledge and deep personal understanding gives him a unique perspective on talent, assembling winning teams, and the requirements of high-achieving and driven professional organizations.

    Steve’s military career was both distinguished and eclectic. Much of his early service was tied to tours as a criminal defense attorney, prosecutor, and Special Assistant, U.S. Attorney where he litigated cases ranging from sexual assault and murder to espionage. For a period of time, Steve left active duty taking a position as a civil defense litigator in Detroit, Michigan. Later in his Marine career, he transitioned to command and staff roles including command of a unit supporting over 55,000 Marines. His wartime deployments include the Balkans, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Steve spent over 27 years with the United States Marine Corps before retiring as a colonel.

    Steve always anticipated that following his career in the Marines he would teach Constitutional Law. As often happens, an unexpected opportunity arose to serve in administration with Grantham University (now the University of Arkansas-Grantham) in Lenexa, Kansas. Ultimately, Waldron was asked to lead Grantham where he had full P&L authority and at various times oversaw all operational and academic aspects of the school of 440 leaders, educators, and support staff.

    Throughout his lengthy career, Steve amassed experience in litigation, leadership, training, and recruitment. He is committed to ensuring the highest degree of professionalism and support throughout the recruitment and placement process.

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