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Liking what you do each day and being motivated to achieve your goals

Onboarding and Training Programs

All new employees are welcomed into CBIZ through onboarding, a process during which we integrate new team members into the organization, prepare them to succeed at their job and encourage them to become fully engaged, productive members of the company. We provide access to opportunities that allow our team members to further develop their talents and abilities.


For detailed information about content and types of training, please refer to our Enterprise-Wide Training Brochure.

Steven L. Gerard Legacy Award

The Steven L. Gerard Legacy Award (SLG Award) was established in 2016 in honor of the tremendous impact that our former CEO has had on our company. Nowhere is his impact more evident than in the development of the values and culture we now collectively embrace.

Each year, we honor Steve's legacy by giving the SLG Award to the employee who has most exemplified one or more of our core values.

The recipient receives recognition on our intranet, a trophy for their office, and has their name engraved on the permanent trophy in our corporate office in Cleveland. 

Our 2020 Award recipient was Deepa Menon, Managing Director, CBIZ Valuation Group, Dallas.

Our Steven L. Gerard Legacy Award Winners

Deepa Menon



Catherine Latham



Robin Widdis



Brian Dean

COVID-19 Response

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we immediately took action to adjust to the unprecedented new environment. The following are some of the key arrangements made to help our team through these challenging times:

  • Formed a COVIC-19 Crisis Response Team
  • Swiftly and successfully transitioned 95%+ team members to remote work
  • Suspended business travel and work at client sites
  • Kept offices open for essential operations
  • Launched a comprehensive communication strategy that included:
    • Initial pandemic alert
    • Weekly CEO videos and daily e-mail updates detailing ongoing company reponse, strategy and prevention measures
    • Updated office and travel policies
  • Launched internal COVID-19 Resource Center to address:
    • Working and leading remotely
    • Wellbeing
    • Technology
    • Business development
    • Social forums
  • Updated workplace policies and/or programs:
    • Employee-favorable changes to medical spending accounts and 401(k) policies
    • Flexible work arrangements to keep team members working safely from home
    • Temporary COVID pay for those unable to work
  • Launched remote workplace programs to address team member engagement, volunteerism and Green Team initiatives.