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Risk Management Services

Our professional enterprise insurance risk management consultants bring a problem solving mindset to our business client relationships. Our basic approach to an assessment is to start with the presumption that our clients need no insurance services when dealing with any of their business risk needs. While we recognize that, ultimately, insurance is going to play a part in the risk control process, we are going to take our clients slowly and mutually in that direction. Specifically, our enterprise insurance risk management consultants take the following five-step approach to construct an engagement business plan:

  1. Identify and assess all sources of risk threatening the business health of the client, including insurance services deficiencies.
  2. Use our own in-home risk management consultants, underwriters, and actuaries to price-tag those risks and to develop pro-active enterprise insurance strategies for systemically eliminating or limiting those risks.
  3. Review and assess the risk inventory and price-tag findings with the appropriate financial decision makers of the client and agree to which of the risks (or parts thereof) can be prudently self-insured and which risks need to be pooled through the purchase of commercial insurance programs and services.
  4. Construct detailed specifications and formal requests for proposals to aggressively market the coverages required.
  5. Enterprise consultants work with the client to successfully implement the agreed upon strategies with respect to risk management and insurance coverages.

Insurance Risk Assessment Services

We maintain a full staff of risk professionals, which allows us to successfully manage the risk and insurance programs of our clients after the initial assessment and implementation of new programs and services. Enterprise risk management consulting is a dynamic process and we continually review our clients' programs with an eye towards self-insuring their risk whenever that approach is deemed prudent. Insurance risk assessment services professionals from CBIZ recognize that risk sharing through the purchase of insurance is often advisable; but we also recognize that insurance is a commodity subject to market factors, which can often accrue to the financial benefit of our clients.

Our risk assessment services approach, always in going to market on our clients behalf, is to get the best coverages at the best prices from the most financially secure insurance carriers. We know that our clients are going to need to buy insurance as a matter of good business planning. We will help them assess and buy the insurance they need when they need it based on their risk from the right markets at the right price. We want to sell customized solutions, not off-the shelf products.

Risk Management Mission Statement

Our Risk Management goal is to help our clients in dealing proactively with the financial, operational and strategic risks that they face now and in the future. We examine the risks, measure their potential impact, and recommend appropriate strategies to manage or mitigate the risks.

Five-Step Enterprise Risk Management Plan from CBIZ Insurance Consultants

Our insurance consultants will take a five-step approach to develop an enterprise risk management plan for you:

I. Insurance risk assessment services identify, quantify and prioritize business risks;

II. Determine those risks;

III. Enterprise risk management consultants develop pro-active insurance strategies for systematically eliminating handling those risks;

IV. Construct detailed specifications and formal RFP's to market the required insurance coverages;

V. Implement, monitor and assess the risk management plan and insurance coverages and services.

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