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Payroll Administration Outsourcing

If payroll administration is becoming more than you can handle in-house, consider payroll outsourcing services from CBIZ. Our payroll services ensure that information is quickly and easily accessible to you and your employees. Our comprehensive, state-of-the-art outsourced payroll administration services offers a fully integrated payroll solution:

  • Calculates and produces pre-signed and enveloped checks
  • Easy-to-read, detailed payroll reports with departmental breakdowns
  • Calculates and deposits all state and federal tax liabilities
  • Prepares and files all state and federal quarterly and year-end returns and reports
  • Prepares and sends W-2/1099 earning statements at year end
  • Offers a direct deposit service
  • 401(k) reports and census downloading
  • Time off tracking
  • General ledger posting reports
  • PC product available for direct input

Payroll Administration Outsourcing by Payroll Services Gives You Many Competitive Advantages

  • Outsourcing services gives you immediate access to all of the census information required to obtain employee benefit quotes and to administer payroll administration programs
  • Uncomplicated coordination of employee deferrals, deductions, reimbursements and account status information for FLEX administration
  • Continuous, up-to-the-minute information for retirement plan reporting, deductions, investments and reconciliation
  • Outsourcing services offer convenient payroll deduction for Christmas club and other employee savings plans, an excellent benefit that usually means an increased administrative burden (CBIZ automatically remits these deductions to the company or agency)
  • Freedom of choice for the business owner. . . time is no longer spent administering the non-productive function of payroll so that time can be reallocated to more profitable activities

Payroll Administration Outsourcing Services Gives You Customization, Convenience and Control
We work with you to customize a package of outsourced payroll administration services that suit your unique business needs. Our services, including
section 125 plan administration, COBRA plan administration, worker’s compensation consulting services and an online portal for insurance and benefits are priced to keep you competitive, while taking the headache out of running your business.

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