Farmers' Cooperatives

As a farmers’ cooperative, customers of your business are also its owners. Therefore, your focus must always be two-fold: to sustain and grow your co-op while simultaneously meeting the needs of your customers. In order to keep this focus, you need to be able to rely on business advisors who are familiar with your unique business model.

At CBIZ, our farmers’ co-op experts have years of experience meeting the needs of organizations just like yours. Because we understand the unique challenges you face as a co-op, we are able to offer proven business strategies with your success in mind. From patronage allocation to the design and implementation of employee benefit plans, the services we provide to you are firmly planted in our extensive knowledge of your business.

Just as your cooperative strives to serve your customers and owners, so do we strive to serve you. Our comprehensive business services include:

  • Tax planning, preparation and analysis
  • Grain accounting
  • Patronage calculation & allocation
  • CFO outsourcing
  • QuickBooks® training
  • Grain measurement & inventory valuation
  • Business plans
  • Cooperative industry regulations
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Operational analysis
  • Employee benefit plans
  • Property tax review & appeals