2/21: Trends in Compensation and Best Practices in the Current Economy

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CBIZ is pleased to open the application submission process for the 2012 Edington Next Practice Awards, recognizing organizations that are actively engaged in the pursuit of a healthy, high-performing workplace and workforce. Please click here for more information.

Welcome to CBIZ Benefits & Insurance Services, Inc. - Atlanta

Welcome to CBIZ Benefits & Insurance Services, Inc. - Atlanta

Your business is all about people and at CBIZ Benefits & Insurance Services we share the same objective. Our mission is simple: to work with clients to develop a successful employee benefits strategy; to provide clients with CBIZ's local benefits services, complemented by our national practice strength and expertise; and to use technology to enhance the delivery of these services.

At the local level, our clients receive expert consulting, administration and technology solutions from CBIZ. At the national level our 40 locations, 15,000 clients and $1.5 billion in managed premiums have earned CBIZ strength and leverage with more than 100 select insurance and financial service companies.

CBIZ professionals enable you to focus on what truly matters - your employees, your clients, and the ultimate success and growth of your business.

CBIZ Benefits & Insurance Services has been and will continue to be committed to acting in our clients' best interest by providing services and products that meet our clients’ needs as communicated to CBIZ.  From time to time, CBIZ may participate in agreements with one or more insurance companies or third party vendors in connection with insurance related transactions to receive additional compensation or consideration.  These compensation arrangements are a result of the performance and expertise by which products and services are provided to the client and may result in enhancing CBIZ’s ability to access certain markets and services on behalf of CBIZ clients. More information regarding these agreements and the consideration received pursuant to these agreements are available upon written request.